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Question: Which Two Parts Of Your Body Is Ruining Your Relationship?

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Is your marriage or relationship failing and everything you try to do just is not working? Then you need help. But hey listen; you may know that divorce is rife & widespread so that means a lot of people have been in your shoes. That does not mean you have to split or get a divorce, it just means you need to know the correct steps how to sort things out. With a lot of things, once you know how it`s easy right? You see work, kids, mortgage (life stuff) stops MOST people from focusing on their relationship so it`s not your fault. But…. never the less it needs to be sorted quick time, before it`s too late!

The Dogs Bits Academy offers marriage counseling, relationship advice and sex advice for couples who want or are in a Serious long term relationship. There is no better feeling that beats being in love and receiving love. But finding love and maintaining it can be challenging.

TDBA has tons of FREE information for men & women who want to date or are in a serious committed relationship such as marriage.

I provide the tools & know how to help you have the best relationship ever whether you are having marriage problems or relationship issues. One of the ways I do this is by focusing on sex. Fantastic amazing sexual chemistry, is sex therapy and naturally bonds couples unlike no other relationship. It is commonly known that most men have higher sex drives than women, so men are more likely to make the changes to achieve a even better sexual experience with their partner which benefits both the man and women in the relationship, leading to a far better relationship in general. I can help you save your marriage or save your relationship with my dating advice for men regardless of whatever relationship help, relationship problem or relationship issue you think you may have. I also offer dating advice for men.

marriage, relationship and sex advice for men

The reasons why I target men is because men are wired to make their partner happy “before” they feel happy. That includes sexual satisfaction. Have you ever noticed you are happiest when you make your partner happy? Don`t you feel like crap when your partner or wife is unhappy? Don`t you hate it when this happens?

Sex is key to a fantastic long term relationship but women are extremely embarrassed still to-date to talk about their sexual wants and sexual needs. And as most don`t have that heighten sex drive like men do, so they can kind of get away without having sex for longer periods of time. Whereas guys can talk about sex and their manhood all day long plus wants to know how to sexually pleasure their partner and would like to know if they are doing sexual things correctly or incorrectly.


marriage and relationship advice for men

Marriage Counseling / Relationship Counseling

Step 1) Knowing Your Partners Wants:

Many relationships & marriages fail because each person “thinks” they know what their partners wants & needs are. Even if you have been with your partner for years… Life stuff happens, people change their minds and change is constant. Relationships start to go down hill when you take it for granted that you know your partners needs and wants.

Step 2) Sexual Connection: 

Now I defo think great sex not only keeps a relationship going but bonds couple more then the actual “relationship” itself. Here`s why… Great sex gives you sexual chemistry, sexual connection, sex therapy and sexually communication. In your “normal” day to day relationship you don`t necessarily need to connect, communicate or even touch your partner. Say you both came home from work, both say hello to each other, maybe a quick peck on the cheek then watch some TV, eat then sleep. And if sex isn’t happening or isn’t happening a lot then relationships may fail because there is not much physical contact or communication.

Great sex kinda “forces” you to communicate on multiple levels which subconsciously fixes broken relationship through this communication. PLUS having great sex makes the both of you, connect, explore, de stress, enjoy, touch, kiss,  and lots more. If sex is great (for the both of you) then you both will want more sex. Then this sexual/relationship bond will increases the more you have great sex. So the more great sex leads to you heightening your sexual passion which leads to wanting more sex, which great passionate sex improves “day to day” relationship issues through the bonding from having a continuation of great passionate sex. So ultimately it is the best ever catch 22. Hence why sex is an important aspect of which I focus on in relationships.

Step 3) Commit To Growth:

When people (especially men) get into a relationship, move in together or get married, they kind of think, job done game over.

I say having a loving long lasting relationship is easy…. if you know how. Commit to growth means learning how to grow, change, adapt and learn new skills to keep your relationship alive. Many, many couples think relationships stay together just on love alone. Yes love is key BUT…. you can fall in love with someone else right? Here`s a little metaphor for you to think about: Chocolate is chocolate, just like love is love. But there are several “brands” of chocolate to chose from just as there is several people to love. Just because I love a Mars Bar does not mean I will only purchase Mars Bars as I love ALL chocolate. So to keep me contented with staying with Mars Bars only, Mars Bars constantly change & adapt to keep me interested as Cadbury’s knows there is competition. Now competition is not bad as without competition then Mars bar would become boring and mundane.                                                                                           

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So the key to a healthy longevity relationship is love… but… loving oneself foremost and then to learn to adapt to changes, as changes are not only an inevitable constant but also vital to keep a relationship interesting. Commit to growth is so that each person in the relationship learns to adapt, grow & change instead of resisting or ignoring change which leads to break ups.               

Now the Dog Bits Academy is not for wussy’s! This is not pussy cats r us. Lol.

True love takes dedication and sometimes hard work but If you are the “dogs bits” to your partner, I can pretty much guarantee she will love you like no other! Which means you “both” will have the best ever relationship that you both truly desire and deserve.

This is not for constant cheaters or players or if your looking for that “there there” approach then this website is not for you. 

I will be telling you some hard core sometimes in your face facts. So you can give up on “trying” And know for sure! 

What Part About Relationships Worries You?

Now if your thinking…

My relationship is dead

How do I sexual satisfy a women

She wont even come near me

She don`t like sex

She gone off sex

She don`t enjoy sex

How do I start sex?

How do I approach Women?

Don`t know where to start?

You Don`t Have To Feel Sad, Lonely, Confused, Upset or Even Angry Anymore!

I`ve got only one thing to say. It doesn’t matter about any of that. In fact, I don`t even need to know your reasons of why you may want a amazing relationship or why things went on the slippery slope and say arguments are happening.

Don`t get me wrong, not that I don`t want to know,

But I don`t want couples to focus on arguments or men seeking dates to worry. Because I have the solution. I am solution oriented. And that leads onto another reason why I focus on men because YOU my friend are the leader. Most men are born leaders and most women are born nurturers & followers.That means that you lay the foundation and she will maintain it. So you focus and sort the solution then your partner will follow your lead.

I can pretty much guarantee if you start doing changes to improve your relationship, and your partner see these changes then arguments will dissolve. Arguments remain as nothing changes.



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Ear & Mouth!

Ear: If your not listening to your women she will eventually stop trusting you. Women don`t date men they don`t trust, let alone sleep with them.

Mouth: All talk but no action! Lol






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