3 Secret Attraction Techniques


Most people love friendly happy people because they are uplifting. So when you approach a lady you want to date then you better make sure you are in a happy mood and smile. Remember first impressions count!


If you ask a lady out, she may be attracted to you but if she does not know you she will be worried that agreeing to go on a date is too much, so she may bottle out. If you start of by stated something like “you seem really cool, fancy meeting as mates?” That will totally eliminate her worry of committing to someone who she does not even know. Or even if you do know each other, still asking for a date is a big deal. Stating “friends” is a excellent way of getting to know each other anyways which can lead on to future dates.

Give YOUR Mobile Number  

As above if you approach and ask a lady for a date even if she does or doesn’t really know you, she will more likely let you down. The secret trick is to eliminate any worries or fears. Asking a lady for her number is another big fear as she doesn’t know you enough to do that. Best thing is to give your number or even better your business card and then say “Call me if you wanna meet up as mates”

All 3 are easy to do and no pressure on you or the lady. So go give it a try. Good Luck  :  )

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  1. simple but underestimated. : )

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