IS IT LOVE OR LUST? Love is affection, attraction and emotional attachment. Lust is mostly physical attraction & fu*king amazing sex. A lot of guys think they can only have one or the other. So will pick a “pretty average” chick to settle down with, but before settling down will try to have lots of lustful relationships with “hot chicks” But you can have both. You can have love and lust. That sexy ass girl you wish for, generally you think she is out of your reach. Or that you are punching above your weight. So you will place her in a “just sex” category.Read More →

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The Confusion of The Law of Attraction. Does It Work, Don`t It Work? People are now in two minds whether the Law of Attraction really works. The reason why people are actually in two minds is because essentially they are back and forth with two opposing concepts. Your inner being resonates completely with the concept of the Law of Attraction because the concept makes sense. It makes complete sense as the Law of Attraction is truth. Fact is EVERYTHING ever created by humans is “thought” about first, so thoughts create things. But the doubt arises as shit aint happen. No manifesting occurs from thinking aboutRead More →