Does Your Partner Piss You off? Here`s a list of things that she should do to push your buttons. And the other list is of things that you should piss her off right out the front door! GOOD LIST: Pushes you to achieve more Goes on about how you should have a better job, change career or be self employed Moans when you smoke, drink or are lazy Pushes you to do things out of your comfort zone Wants affection, communication & time together BAD LIST: Puts you down Says you’re not good enough, useless or never will achieve fu*k all in life Couldn’t giveRead More →

EASY Formula To Know If She’s The One! Wanna know if she been cheating? Wanna know if she`s going to stop being lazy? Wanna know if she will really make you happy? Wanna know if she is really into you? Wanna know if she`s a player? Heres the thing. Must people do really know when things are wrong or something is not right in a relationship. But most people chose to ignore those red flags. If you really want to know anything about your partner then all you have to do is listen to your gut instincts. If something doesn`t feel right, then it probablyRead More →

HOW TO STOP ARGUMENTS IN 5 EASY STEPS Arguments generally happen because both parties are trying to express different opinions and think the other person is not listening, so couples shout at each other to be heard. But most of the time the shouting doesn’t do the trick so you get upset, angry and frustrated as well as. Here are a few suggestions that may help 1) PRE-EMPT THE ARGUMENT There are some arguments that couples know are gonna happen. For example: You come home late again after work from another lads night out and you “know” your partner is going to be upset orRead More →

SMILE   Most people love friendly happy people because they are uplifting. So when you approach a lady you want to date then you better make sure you are in a happy mood and smile. Remember first impressions count! FRIENDS   If you ask a lady out, she may be attracted to you but if she does not know you she will be worried that agreeing to go on a date is too much, so she may bottle out. If you start of by stated something like “you seem really cool, fancy meeting as mates?” That will totally eliminate her worry of committing to someone who sheRead More →

HOW TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE FOR THE NEW YEAR! First thing I want you to do is say WELL DONE for taking a active role to find ways to fix your marriage, many people don`t! So now how I want you to start looking at your marriage is that it is a New Year New Start, so now COMMIT to wanting to fix your marriage. No point just wishing & hoping it will sort itself out, it won’t! And probably deep down you know this anyways… Commitment means doing things UNTIL it is better, not doing things and waiting for results or for thanks orRead More →

THE GREATEST PICK UP LINE IN THE WORLD!!! Say you see a women you like then just say “Hey, did we go school together, or maybe I know you from work?” Great conversation starter also non threatening. Then lead into… My name is….. what`s yours. Try it out on “average” looking type women to build confidence muscles and see how easy it is to approach and start conversation with womenRead More →