Don’t You Just Hate It When This Happens?


A guy gets into a relationship but then within a while he starts to feel like it`s not for him, but he doesn’t want to  leave as it’s not fair to break the girls heart, so instead of leaving he cheats and gets another girl, but then he realizes that girl isn`t for him either, but she falls in love with him then next thing she pregnant, so he feels that it would be unfair to leave because of the child, so he cheats again and the circle continues. Eventually he ends up unhappy with kids and chicks all over the place and doesn`t know which option/person to choose.


This guy is actually a top bloke because he is not putting himself first and trying to please others. But people don`t see this in fact they see the complete opposite, they see him as selfish and a player.

What is happening is this guy is trying to be fair, instead of following his happiness. The problem with him doing that, is fairness does what is best for everyone else, which is not always best for him. This leads to the end result of unhappiness for himself.

If he does not follow his happiness he will be in a cycle of staying physically in relationships but emotionally leaving, hence why he searches for another relationship to fulfil him not realising to stop this cycle he needs to fulfil himself first.


The Solution….

By following what’s best for you in essence makes you a better person, which makes you a happier person, which then makes making decisions for fairness easier. Creating fairness in drama mostly leads to drama. You have to make decisions from a different reference point.

Now then… say this guy can’t pick a partner from two different women as he loves both of them. I would suggest that he should think about which partner that could deal with his baby mums fairly? Not how fair he was? Which PARTNER is fair? This is important as you need that stability, support, love from that partner to give you the space and freedom without their additional drama so that you can deal with “your own” version of fairness with your other relationships. If not you will be back at square one and doing things to make other people happy.

So…. he should pick a partner who he loves and feels will deal with his situation without judgement.

BUT I get it….men are scared to tell the truth! But that is YOUR expectation of a bad outcome.

Most women WILL support you through the truth if they love you AND love themselves also. They are far more likely to dump your ass if you continually lie. Then what happens is the guy loses the women he really wants and ends up with the women which is “ok ish” then he becomes unhappy and cheats again. Vicious circle syndrome!

Sophia xxx  ; )

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