Here`s The EASY GUIDE To More Sex & Fixing Relationship Issues

Here`s The EASY GUIDE To More Sex & Fixing Relationship Issues

It’s funny when guys ask me “why are their partners doing this or that?” It`s so cute. Cute because all you have to do is ask her. Lol. Here`s the trick to successfully getting a truthful non aggressive answer. LISTEN to the answer. Most women stop talking or respond angry as when they talk you don`t hear them. Both of you sit down, TV off, mobile off, laptop off and totally focus on your partner and ask her any question lovingly THEN, she will answer. Successful communication in a relationship to a woman is as important as you having sex. Men big time underestimate this and even belittle it as nagging. Men get sexual frustrated and shut down and women get frustrated by non or misunderstood communication and then also shut down.

This is not just a guesstimate, this is genetics! Women are born nurturers to communicate and keep the family safe, that’s why it is important to be heard. If you break her trust, lie, stop communicating or communicate stupidly, we will know. Feminine instincts are heightened with emotions. Being more heightened then masculine/men we pick up anything that does not resonate far quicker and easier. I call it the women’s bullshit radar. And with those heightened emotions comes the need to communicate those emotions. If you make her suppress emotions or communication, then the relationship will no doubt fail as it would if sex lacked in a relationship.

A woman will try to communicate her issues first. IT`S OUR NATURE! If a guy’s says to me she isn’t talking to me I bet she did talk but you missed it. Although there is the odd occasion when women may be totally in love and shy to speak but that’s normally young love and early doors. Otherwise think back and remember what she told you. If she repeats herself about an issue and after a while it’s not getting anywhere (you aint listening/denying or lying) then she will most likely limit communication and then leave you. If married with kids she will limit communication or communicate angrily (due to frustration), sex will be limited and the relationship will get worse. This is MASSIVELY important to know as this is when relationships start to fail. I always state to couples to look back to when the relationship started to break down. Some couples say they can`t remember what went wrong. It`s because they don`t think that non or crap communication is a starting point of a relationship failing, when it is one of the biggest issues as it is the least recognised of its importance.

The Science!!!

Many women state they can just “feel” something is wrong. There is science behind that. As stated women are heightened emotionally. And when in a love relationship frequencies / energy align. So when words are exchanged and spoken that are lies, generally unless a master manipulator and can energetically manipulate frequencies, then otherwise those words vibrate at a different frequency and align at an altered state to the person you are directing those lies to. Words are wave lengths/ nodes/ frequencies. If you are lying to a stranger, they may not know you enough to connect those dots so to speak and “feel” the difference. Where as a love partner especially deep love can feel your discord as you will be speaking and portraying as if you are positive but energetically, lies are a negative frequency. So then your partner can “feel” and see that something is wrong.

The thing is that women can stay in a shit relationship without sex for years as that’s not their propriety. Whereas guys can stay in a relationship and communicated non effectively for years as they feel that is not their priority. Both is priority and both men and women need to understand this PLUS by practicing self love both men and women will balance out all feminine and masculine so will equally align to each other’s needs at ease. Hence why I harp on about self love.

Relationship are to relate. BUT…. no point having that conversation if you’re not listening! It`s just like sex… if you go to bed and only do the same position over and over again then you’re just going through the motions. There is no point in that. Same with not listen to your women. Just saying “yes love” but not hearing her is equivalent as your mrs just lying there in sex. And I bet if you aint listening to your women sex is exactly that! She just lying there! Hence why I harp on about romance. Being romantic is you “showing up” for your women. Taking interest, showing you care whereas sex is what men need from a woman to show love and care.

The key to a long term happy ever after relationship is to know your women’s wants and needs. The best way to know that is to ask her. Where as that is something you guys lack doing and when you do ask questions, you don`t always listen to the answers.

I can 100% GUARANTEE if your relationship is shit right now and you firstly start being more romantic then secondly “SHOW UP” which means totally focusing on your partner when they communicate with you. Then your relationship will fix up quick time.

Men and women are completely different but in relationships somehow we think we know the other person. We think we know what they want, what they think, what they need and that that partner knows what we want, what we need, how we think. Not only is that ridiculous as we are all individual but different sex on top of that, but most importantly change is a constant. So we can change our mind constantly as we have at least 50,000 thoughts a day which at least a few of them we change.

Here`s an example of what I am on about: A lot of guys get this twisted. When you do something wrong, most men will try to have sex with their partner to say sorry. But that’s what YOU would like, not what she would like.

And here`s something else you guys do. At first, when you meet your wife or partner you used your masculine hunting skills to get your partner. That means you communicated effectively “smooth talk/romance/nice CONSISTANT texts/emails/phone calls IF NOT you most likely wouldn`t even have got to date her in the first place. You kept that going for a while, then you have sex and things go great… but then you slack bit by bit (basically you stop listening, cut back on communication & romance) So then she stops having amazing sex. Then you guys complain and say sex was great AT FIRST. But YOU guys stopped correctly communicating, listening and romancing FIRST. GUARANTEED!


As stated previously, this is not guesstimation, this is facts. sceince and genetics. Men are born leaders. So lead THEN she will maintain and follow. If you stop, then so will she.


To have a successful relationship keep doing things that “she” will love and need, NOT what YOU love and need. And if you are not sure what that is then simply ask her.


And yes this should work both ways but this is about YOU. I focus on guys.

If you want to know what you “both” can do, or you are lost what to do, what to say, how to be more romantic or if she’s totally going out the door… go buy my course!

Sophia  ; )  x


  1. Yep, guilty as charged. Always state shes moaning but never listen. Hopefully she never sees this website. For my eyes only. Lol

  2. Will have to send to my partner who constantly says he is listening but conveniently forgets what I say. This website is for men AND women. Thanks Sophia

  3. That’s a very good job by sophia for both guys and ladies

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