Most arguments escalate and never get sorted as when you are in an negative emotional state such as anger, frustration, fear, upset ect, you are on a lower vibrational frequency of which generally maintains throughout a argument as your partner will react to that negative frequency, causing you both to react back and forth negatively. When someone attacks you (argument occurs) your animal instinct reptilian brain defends as a natural defense. This is how arguments start. Once this occurs the argument goes round and around in your brain trying to find answers of which it will not be able to do in that lower vibrational state. So this is why arguments generally never get resolved or sorted as you need to be in a better frequency to understand what the problem/argument is about to then resolve it. As Einstein sates” We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used to create them”. This is also why even after the argument has finished, the argument remains in your mind going round and round.
The solution is to be aware of the mind spin of the argument going round and round. This is nature’s ways of telling you to stop and rethink. This is important as most people generally call a friend or loved one to try and “off load” the argument and free their mental argument spin. But that generally makes situations worse as they are generally off loading their own mental spin not expressing their partner’s point of views leading to one sided judgments.
Having awareness/mindfulness is how to solve this predicament. Mindfulness is so powerful as just by stepping back and recognizing that the argument is not going anywhere or that is it escalating ect is enough for oneself to switch that mental spin into a higher consciousness. By stepping back helps big time and creates a subconscious snowball effect. Being mindful is a far more positive state therefore you should react far better towards your partner. That should then stop your partner reacting negatively towards you because he/she should pick up your more positive frequency and should align with it and also be influenced by your positive example. The reason why this works is once in that mind spin, you are in a deep negative cycle. Stepping back from such negativity by being aware of it/mindfulness, is a 180% turn in thinking which should kinda shock you into a better aware state. That awareness makes you reflect back and remind you that this has happened before and doesn’t work. Given you the insight to change tactics. THEN you can both can sort the initial problem.
So next time you have argument or a shitty situations arises, take a look at your own negative reaction. Just the act of awareness (Mindfulness) of it, is enough to change the entire frequency to a better outcome. You create and control your reality!
Sophia x


  1. Both these arguments ideas in both posts are excellent. Keep up the great work Sophia. xxx

  2. Most definitely gonna send this post to my new boyfriend. Lol. Infact why stop there, the entire website is relevant

  3. Mindfulness is the answer to most things let alone arguments. Ego steps in far to quickly and prevents this. Thanks for reminding us about priorities!

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