How To Date And Attract Successful Women


Although it’s not so much a mindset for men to actively want to pursue and attract successful women, never the less it is achievable.

So Why Don`t Men Go For Rich Chicks?

The number one reason why men don`t ask out women that are more successful & financially more abundant than themselves is because men are not wired to be followers. Most women are born nurtures/followers where as men are born maintainers & leaders from prehistoric days. So men are hard wired to build the foundations where as women are hard wired to maintain that foundation. So for a guy to get his head around being “second best” so to speak is a big deal. Of course there are some men that are totally ok with being house daddies and letting their partner bring home the bacon, but generally if this is the case then that guy has balanced out his internal feminine and masculine or it is already evenly balanced.

So for the guys who are still more masculine and are not ready yet to balance out their feminine side (which I highly advise, another time….) there is another way. It’s all about what you feel you deserve!

So Allow Me To Dive A Little Deeper…

Have you ever heard of a rich, famous celebrity dating someone who worked in a local supermarket? Nope. Why is that? People who work in supermarkets can be good looking with great personalities, hard working and are not bad people, so what’s the issue? It’s to do with your mentality. Rich people have a mentality of deserving whatever they desire, where as poor people mostly think the opposite. Think about it…. Have you ever heard a successful person putting themselves down, saving things like “they are not good enough?” Poor and middle class people constantly think they don`t deserve or are not good enough for anything.

Why Don`t The Rich Ask Out The Non Rich?

A lot of rich people only date rich people because the non rich constantly moan about their life and how unhappy they are. Whereas the rich don`t moan and just get off their ass and do shit. And before you say…. “Well they can do whatever they want because they have money.” MOST riches are self made. That means from poverty to riches. Inheriting riches is extremely rare. Most work their ass off to get rich. The mindset of the non rich is that most riches is inherited and slag off rich people. So why would you work your ass off to get rich to then date someone with a mindset that the riches and success they had created was easy or inherited?

So how can you get around this situation? Well not all rich people date rich people. People in general only date people who they cannot relate to. The difference is the rich cannot relate to someone who “thinks” they cannot be rich themselves or moan about their lives stating I wished this and that, as they know it is not true as stated most riches are self made therefore they will know that you have an issue with doubting yourself and low self worth. To become rich you have to raise your vibration/positivity to attract better situations then maintain that frequency.

Without me going “too deep” into frequencies but I must explain why keeping the same frequency level/energy level as your partner is important. And most importantly, frequency levels are EXACTLY how you can date someone who is more successful then you without you earning as much as they do.

It`s about alignment. Most people are brought up with a lower vibrational frequency. To attract riches is as simple as aligning your frequency to a rich lifestyle. Most people “think” rich people are happy so to become rich you need to be happier, positive, and think & feel how it would be like to be living that rich lifestyle to attract signs/circumstance/situations to get you onto your path of riches. The concept is simple but the actual implementation and continuation of the process is vastly difficult. The actual physical work/studying implementation, timescale, shadow work and internal alignment that occurs and need to be maintained throughout is extremely hard. The biggest challenge is to maintain an internal higher frequency through altering and aligning your mindset, so to project a desired lifestyle so to attract it. Whilst living in, working with and surrounded by lower vibrational beings on a continuation that constantly object and cannot see your vision requires extreme discipline and is a constant battle with your emotions, which is exactly why most fail to be rich. To complete this process but then to meet and date a lower vibration partner is extremely challenging as particularly when you love someone your frequencies will try to align and match each others. For the rich person to maintain their higher frequency with a lower vibrational partner is challenging and extremely draining. So most rich people just don`t go there in the first place. This is why the rich don`t ask out lower vibrational people which generally are non rich.

So How Do I Attract A Rich Chick Being Non Rich?

I personally know a shitload of extremely rich people who are married to people who were or still are working class or were poor. The first thing the “rich” person looks for in a non rich person is if they are happy!!! Either happy with their job or/and happy with their life or if they are happy when around each other! That automatically disarms the rich person of thinking of them as a “drainer” as they are already happy with what they have. Happy people are generally not moaners and vibrate on a higher frequency. Being happy is as good as or even better than being rich. So meeting someone who is happy is soulfully and spiritually rich anyways as they must have had to follow their bliss to get to that place to be happy like their job (which most don`t. They just get a job, stay there and moan) The “rich” person knows he/she must have completed some form of self mastery to be happy in their life or their employment and to meet with them as although following your  bliss sounds simple, the actual can be challenging as previously outlined. So the rich person will pick up that higher frequency and align with a happy person regardless of income as both frequencies match.

Say for example you met a successfully rich women who travelled a lot and you both fell in love. A lot of guys would say that they would love to date this rich successful women, but would not change their life to adjust to her lifestyle. So would moan that they worked for example 10 hours/6 days a week and had 4 kids to feed and could not just take off around the world. Instead…. Appreciate meeting such a successful women and realise how tough it must have been for her to become so successful especially by her being a women and most likely being a single parent. Then get of your ass and makes steps to date her. Yes you might have to book extra days off work to meet her, yes you may have to skip a week of having your kids at the weekend, yes you may have to swallow your pride and let her pay for your flight. You see the non rich mentality is of lack and what they can`t do instead of taken action on things they can do but choose instead NOT to do. If it was so easy then EVERYONE would be rich, happy and in love.

Most non rich who marry rich and famous have to up sticks and travel the world with their partners to different film sets, football games, tours ect also dragging children who constantly change schools and living locations plus leave their family and friends behind! Don`t moan and expect the “rich” person to somehow have sympathy with you when they had to do 100 times more then you to get where they are at and has most likely been where you now stand moaning about.

If you ever get a opportunity to date someone who you feel is “out of your league,” then approach them with confidence and appreciate god giving you the opportunity to meet someone who has come from a different prospective but generally the same upbringing as yourself and has made it. So use that opportunity to raise your vibration to attract better things for your own self. Most self made millionaires shadow a rich person until they are rich themselves. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to date one then that alone can take out a massive chunk out of you making your way up the ladder to be rich. THIS IS MASSIVELY IMPORTANT & VASTLY MISSED. Taking away the obvious that being in love with a rich person give you access to their riches also which is helpful, BUT… most successful & rich people are extremely determined, focused, know people, strong minded, take all knock backs as learning curves and follow their bliss. This is exactly what is needed to be successful but this is the most challenging thing to achieve when middle class or poor. But when you fall in love naturally you “feel” that person and can “pick up/transfer/align with” their energy plus with their support will automatically make you feel empowered to become what you want, achieve more goals and have a better lifestyle for yourself. Men “think” if they date a successful women then they will become less than. Instead use her internal frequency/energy/ her external influences to better yourself therefore you then do not have to rely on her. This is not necessarily a conscious effort or mindset. Just allow yourself to fall in love “without prejudging” which means learn from her and following her steps which men sometimes do not want to do. But by falling in love and maintaining that happy state alone will raise your vibration and bring better things to you in your life.

The biggest issue that non rich people do that rich don’t, is always look short term. Rich people know things take time and work their ass off UNTIL THEY GET THERE. Non rich always look how difficult it is or how difficult it is going to be and so not make effort to try or quit when the going gets tough. Think long term. How would your life be better by dating someone who is successful and loved you? I can tell you. BIG TIME better! And yes it may be hard at first but she can always date someone else, whereas if you have the balls to approach and ask out a rich women and then date her, you are the one blessed as previously stated most rich people don`t generally entertain dating non rich as most non rich don`t change their ways so that is why rich stay dating rich.

So if your life is not as great as this successful woman, still go take the steps to ask her out. By doing that alone will show you are confidants and impress her. Then do what is necessary to date her. When you ask her out make it clear you have intensions to have a relationship with her. A lot of successful people have business meetings in restaurants ect as they can add it to their tax bill as a expenditure. So to just ask her out and compliment her, she may feel this is just the norm. So make your intensions clear. Don’t worry about your looks, your income and your lifestyle. You don`t have to worry about spending shit loads of money to impress her either. Go to your local restaurant not central which is too expensive. Go to the cinema, museums ect. She wont mind as she most likely does all the expensive stuff with work. It is far better to go to your local restaurant and pay the full bill then going to an expensive restaurant and paying half. NEVER go dutch on a women you want to impress!!! Now don`t tell me you aint got the money to date someone as I bet you smoke, drink, buy things you don`t need. Well PRIORITIES! If you marry this women then you will be able to afford what you now cut back on to date her. If you miss a few weeks of spending time with your kids to be happy then your kids will feel you happier plus your kids will most likely have an even better lifestyle in the long term. So start thinking correctly not skintly!

Most successful women have to be more masculine to be successful so romance the ass of her as she will be lacking that. Whenever you start to feel intimidated about her, just look at her. See how she looks at you…feel her. Women are more “soft” then men and you can tell if a women likes you or not. Men just don’t use their feminine side to pick this up.

REMEMBER!!! YOU DESERVE HER & HAPPINESS! So take the steps to go get your rich successful women and keep her. If whatever you have to do like changing jobs, location whatever, seems tough then THINK LONG TERM!!! Don`t listen to naysayers! THEY WILL BE JEALOUS. Jealous they didn’t pull a rich chick and jealous you had the balls to go for it then sad cos they will have no one to smoke drugs or get pissed with and moan about work to at the weekend with anymore.

If you don`t take action…  don’t moan and go pull Sarah Jane at your local pub and you can both bitch about work, be bored, watch TV and argue for the rest of your life. Now THAT`S more tough to me then taking action on love and a successful women!

Rich people don`t look down at the poor as most rich people came from poverty hence why the rich remain rich as they sell to the poor as they can relate to them as once were them. They just don`t want to be dragged back to that or reminded of it.

Sophia x   ; )

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