New Year, New Start Over For Your Marriage


First thing I want you to do is say WELL DONE for taking a active role to find ways to fix your marriage, many people don`t!

So now how I want you to start looking at your marriage is that it is a New Year New Start, so now COMMIT to wanting to fix your marriage.
No point just wishing & hoping it will sort itself out, it won’t! And probably deep down you know this anyways…
Commitment means doing things UNTIL it is better, not doing things and waiting for results or for thanks or for something in return.
Marriages fail because people are in denial or most likely don`t want to hear the truth that you need to work at it…. continually!
Now if you think your partner is not in love with you or maybe you are not in love with your wife, that’s ok, because ANY relationship can be fixed and get better. That depends on you my friend. The trick is to over fill your partner cup with love and joy THEN she will naturally reciprocate. Men are not so much men these days and wait for women to either start of this process or wait for a (give & take) situation. Men are born leaders and only use one side of their brain for logic thinking so are less emotional then women. So men are born to take the lead, then trust me, women are born nurturers, so she will follow and maintain.
So LEAD. That`s why this is called… the dogs bits academy!

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