Men, Love & Laws of Attraction In Relationships

The Confusion of The Law of Attraction.

Does It Work, Don`t It Work?

People are now in two minds whether the Law of Attraction really works. The reason why people are actually in two minds is because essentially they are back and forth with two opposing concepts. Your inner being resonates completely with the concept of the Law of Attraction because the concept makes sense. It makes complete sense as the Law of Attraction is truth. Fact is EVERYTHING ever created by humans is “thought” about first, so thoughts create things. But the doubt arises as shit aint happen. No manifesting occurs from thinking about what you want to actually create.

That does not mean it is not real and doesn’t work.

Take Beyonce. She became successful from following her passion which lead to the Law of Attraction giving her abundance. Beyonce did not study Law of Attraction to get famous, she simply followed her bliss. Most people don`t become famous as they genuinely prefer fame and cash first over becoming an actor or singer. Now that is not saying they don’t want to be an actor or singer but you must state your “true” intension foremost and resonate truly with that desire internally if not it will create opposing opposites internally and cannot be created externally.

The confusion of Law of Attraction also is that apparent negative things “show up” instead of abundance. I can pretty much guarantee that negativity is to serve you. Then my friend it will lead you to your manifesting your desire. But people stop at the negative and then think Law of Attraction don`t work. For Example: If you desire the best loving happy relationship then Law of Attraction is of higher intelligence so will see your flaws and bring to you a “negative” relationship so that you learn hard lessons from it. THEN… bring you your desired relationship of which you should have learned what you did not want from that negative relationship to now transfer all of your best self to the new relationship. So in essence the Law of Attraction then can bring to you your very best relationship as it sees that for you to have the very best, first, you have to have the worse. So the law of attraction delivered. People get stuck in the negative relationship and don`t open up to the next love match and miss out bigtime.

Men & Relationships

Basically why I wrote this is for guys who are not “asking” for their truth. Men these days are still limited and still expected to place their emotions inwardly in one tiny box. A “Suck it in” mentality forced inappropriately from human conditions, expectations, religion and beliefs systems so I get it. But this is exactly why you are “attracting” negative relationships. In short…. You have to be vulnerable! Vulnerable to yourself by setting your intention and being ok with asking for a real love, happy ever after relationship… THEN… once your love match is received, to then become vulnerable within that relationship. If not you will constantly attract a negative relationship after negative relationship.

Men are Logical thinkers Women are Emotional

And here`s one last thing to ponder on. Men are more logical minded then women so are not so much about showing or expressing their emotions, but your women is more emotional. So for you not to express your emotions and open up to your partner will be detrimental to yourself and also your relationship as your partner needs that from you as she is more emotional. So you will be actually going against your partner’s core feelings & identity. Even in gay relationships there should be an equal balance of masculine and feminine. If you don`t express  what you feel in your relationship about your partner or the relationship in general but (ask/put out) to the laws of attraction that you want a loving relationship, then the laws of attraction will call to you a unloving relationship which matches your internal frequency of not expressing love. Exactly the example above will show up for you of a negative love relationship so that you fix up, learn by your mistakes then attract a new love match or fix your present love partner with new insight that you must communicate in general but especially your feelings.

In short…. you are what you attract. As stated previously, Beyonce sang first, THEN the laws of attraction brought fame to her. Don`t expect to get a partner who loves you but you don`t show or express love back. I repeat….. if you don`t show/express/own/align with love you wont attract love. You may attract a relationship of which you may think it to be love but deep down you know it is not and it will eventually break. Or… even if you fall in true love, by you not expressing love, that love will eventually subside and become suppressed into your subconscious ultimately making you lose or fall out of love with your partner. Any emotion not expressed is going against your truth which is not only harmful to your relationship but most definitely harmful to you.

So yes absolutely the Law of Attraction does work it simply you need to know more about it and how it serves you to receive the full benefits.

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Sophia x

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  1. I as most never thought Laws of attraction worked. But as Sophia clearly explains I was just doing it incorrectly. What a amazing post and great website. Keep up the good work.

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