Planet earth is for all humans and sentient beings to experience love. With love follows sharing love hence why relationships are formed.
Men are leaders of co creation & life, where as women are carriers of life form. Both entities are equality important and essential in purpose as both lead to the continuation of humanity on this planet.
Many men feel lost, sad, burden, shamed, embarrassed about heightened sex drives and cheat, lie, secretly masturbate, fantasize, visit prostitutes, chat rooms, lap dancing clubs ect to “cover” their desire. EVERYTHING and every human is created individual & differently. When it comes to humans & sex drive, depending on how masculine you are is where the heightened sex drive lays. Everything should be an equal balance in life. Each person should equal out their masculine and feminine. This has not been recognized enough let alone practiced hence why men still have heightened sex drives over women.
As stated men/masculine to date still hold the heightened sex drive but are misguided to feel ashamed of having it. It is not for you to be ashamed of having a higher urge for sex then your partner but for you to encourage your partner to heighten her masculine side. Then you will both have higher sex drives and sexually satisfy each other. This is my purpose and why I focus on men and teach men how to sexually satisfy women. Instead of moaning, hidden and lying about sex, simply recognise that your masculine is heightened hence why you desire more sex and women’s feminine is more heightened hence why they are more emotional then you. BOTH masculine and feminine in each person should be balanced as stated.
Although on this planet everything is about love,,,,, loving yourself first that leads to loving relationships, loving work, loving your environment ect. BUT… Sex is humans highest pleasure on planet earth. This is why it is used globally in music, tv and advertising.
Love & Sex combined is the pinnacle of one’s enlightenment & purpose on planet earth as both combined equals to achieving mans highest possible frequencies. Therefore awakens/expands your consciousness onto higher realms giving you higher intelligence, therefore seeing what is needed for you to have a better purposed life. There is no need to sit crossed legged on the mountains like budda. But don`t get it twisted… shagging ever bird and stating “I am trying to reach enlightenment” is not what I am on about either. Mastering self love and understanding as the Illuminati does with advertising, that sex is important and not just for shagging is where the enlightenment lays.
So your heightened sex drive is for a purpose.
The intricate hidden plans and purposes of this planet still blows me away daily. Lol. Sophia ; ) xx

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  1. OMG! gotta send this to the lads. I`m sure like most they felt bad for having sexual urges. Is it ok to share?

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