True Love Is…

Most people’s truth is based on emotional veracity (habitual truthfulness). Also on how it makes them feel, especially momentarily, suppressing the long term reality. But real truth may make you feel and be uncomfortable, never the less…. Truth Is Truth.
Most People Start And Stay In Relationships Because Of…
Beliefs Systems
Scared of being alone
Financial stability
Scared of change
Low self worth
Peer and family pressure
Childhood sweetheart
Location Match
Ect ect
FACE THE HARD TRUTHS! Why are you with this person?
If you TRULY love them, if YOU KNOW they truly love you, then work your ass off at the relationship. Love is a continual action word. Speaking it, feeling, it and thinking it. IS NOT ENOUGH.

FACE THE HARD TRUTHS! Have you fallen out of love?
Believe it or not but it happens. Just because you are married, dating or living with someone DOES NOT mean you are tied for life to that person. Life is a constant change. Nothing on this planet remains still or in one place ever.

FACE THE HARD TRUTHS! Are you with someone but love someone else?
Every person on planet earth is created complete. You do not need anything or anyone to complete you. If you stay with someone who YOU KNOW you don`t truly love, then you are not only harming yourself but stopping that person from meeting someone whom will love them totally and completely also.

FACE THE HARD FACTS! Are they no good for you OR.. You no good for them?
Do they put you down, take all your money, dangle divorce, taking the kids and all sorts as threats against you? Do they not look happy to see you, not bothered if you are there, do they cuddle, kiss, stroke, massage, miss you? Do they stalk you, bombard you with calls, texts, social media stuff? Do you do drugs, drink alcohol, play playstation (alone/not together) as a “get away” indoors or go out with friends, pubs, betting shops, work a lot, as a escape? Or DO YOU lie, cheat, steal, avoid, abuse, manipulate? If you are doing this or they are doing this to you, then why are you even together?

Most don`t experience REAL love as they either settle or don`t take the risk to go for true love due to thinking they are not good enough. Heres the issue with that. Because most don`t know what true love feels like as they don`t experience it, is exactly why they settle as they think “well this must be it”

I don`t care how corny this may sound but true love is freedom. What does that mean????
I am a big believer of laws of this universe. This planet is plagued by rules. Humans are built to be free and born free. Our inherent condition is to fight against incarceration due to being born free. When in a relationship which you feel free, you love more. People incorrectly think that giving someone freedom allows that person to cheat, lie, steal as with why authorities place conditions and rules upon us. But it is not so. Because of this life is completely conditioned from when you wake up till when you sleep (matrix/illuminati), when someone allows you freedom within a relationship you will be drawn to your natural inherit state and original essence from birth which is a complete refresh from the normality hence you will not then have the need to cheat, lie or steal as those acts are done purely from a place of lack. Freedom is limitless and has no lack.
When someone TRULY loves you… they will not harass you, intimidate you, blame you, control you, demand nor take from you. You will have a knowing without words even, that they love you. I state “without words” as this is important. Although hearing you love someone is important but words are frequencies and frequency is energy which we are all energy. So if words are spoken but not “heart felt” then no point speaking it as that person may hear you but not resonate with you. True love is action. NOT…. the action to feel to stay in a relationship, but the action to stay because you recognise there is freedom to leave. In nature “without rules” animals stay in herds/relationships although they are free to leave but stay faithful. There is no hierarchy, poor and rich locations or specific poor or rich (classes) of animals in the wild, imaginary boarder line, religion ect, there is just what is. Nature/natural/freedom. No enslavement of mind which humans have due to belief systems and conditions.

Freedom/free will is known also as unconditional love which most people misinterpret as taking all the shit and abuse from someone as they are suppose to unconditional love them. If you allow any abuse or if you allow someone to do things that YOU KNOW doesn`t feel right, then you are just following trends of the word unconditional love. As REAL unconditional love/freedom only works if YOU have unconditional love for yourself first! That way you allow people into your life that only resonates with you. Then if that person does something you feel is against your boundaries, you then release that person with love. As for anyone to do harm to another is in a place of lack, lack of awareness, lack of real love, lack of self love ect and most likely not consciously aware of their lack.

TRUTH IS…. Most Don`t Want To Face Their Truth


Sophia xxx ; )

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